How do I download the office installation files from my account and activate my Office installations?

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Thanks, for ordering your office 2019 / office 365 professional for LIFETIME with US.
You can install this license key of Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets, and 5 smartphones.
To download the office installation files to your computers,
please login and Manage your new office accounts at Microsoft.
here is a Step-by-step installation guide



to login to your office accounts use the username and password we have provided you via the email you have enter in the paymant page.
to start please visit
Open it at your Internet browser and use our provided user name and the first time password.

note!! After the first login you will be asked by Microsoft to change your password.

Please do not forget the new password you will set up.
You will need to remember and use this new password to activate the software on additional computers.

STEP 1 - Login to the Portal

login to your account at office 365

STEP 2 - Download the appropriate setup files 64 bit or 32 bit


STEP 3 - Activate Your Copies 






STEP 4 - Manage your installations - Follow the copies in the portal.


if you need More help, please Look at this movie

Follow this Instructions.

⚠️ Please uninstall any trial Office products before installation! Removal tool: 4 simple steps for installation:
1. Go to
2. Login with email & password (will be provided)
3. Go to Install Office app
4. Download & install Office 365 Proplus.

After download is complete to activate the software on additional computers.
Go to the MS Word app (the blue app) go to settings then go to account.
Login using the password and username we have provided you.

If you need anything or have extra questions feel free to ask us anything. 😃

Good luck
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