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You Need Support?

Q: i paid but where is my My product? Why my order is taking so long?

A: We instantly send everything digitally. All of our orders are handled immediately by our automated system upon ordering And sent to an e-mail that was ordered in an order form on the checkout.

IF It has already been over 10 minutes since paying you order and you not accepted your order to your email Address. Please do the following action in the Next order:

1) You should check The email address you provided us with your order Is the correct and accurate address.

2) You should check your email SPAM folder in your email Provider for emails from, Unfortunately some of our emails arrive there.

3) You should add to your Trust list.

4) You should email us at the you did not get your order.

Q: What are your payment methods?

A: We currently accept Credit, Debit From any country in the world. 

As you know, We are interested in bringing you the best prices possible! Unfortunately we are not able to do this when PayPal charges us 10% commission for each transaction. That's why we use secure payment services from BlueSnap

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation against hungry companies with excessive fees and of course your support for future Internet sales. We honor any credit card or debit card. 
Today, every credit card company provides full buyer protection for online Shopping. We believe you will not need it but it is always good to know that your purchase is safe with us. 
We will never save financial information on our servers.

Q: What is the store's Phone Number?

A: At this time we offer email assistance via

Please give us 24 hours to respond to all incoming emails.  

Q: do you have a Quick support Via Facebook Messenger chat?

A: yes 

Q: How do I download the office installation files from my account and activate my Office installations?

A: For the full step by step guide click here 

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